About Us/ Message from the Chairman

Abdul Aziz Ahmad Al-Duaij

Kuwait Aromatics Company is the first and only aromatics facility in the state of Kuwait. The company owns two world scale facilities in the state of Kuwait. The first investment   is KPPC, Kuwait Paraxylene Production Company, owned 100% by Kuwait Aromatics . the company has started commercial operations end of 2009 producing Paraxylene and Benzene with a range of other energy coproducts. The second investment is TKSC, the Kuwait Styrene Company , where the company owns 57.5% of this investment. TKSC is a production company based in Kuwait specialized in the production of Styrene Monomer.

Both companies sell their products worldwide to different customers.


Our Vision

We aim to enhance value creation to Kuwait hydrocarbon resources through best utilization of refinery products to aromatics petrochemical. Through an effective and efficient utilization of full range naphtha and through adding value to local service companies , creating employment opportunities and contributing to our society with continuous and sustainable community programs.


As the chairman of Kuwait Aromatics board of director working with our board members we strive to meet our shareholders expectation and ensure that our vision is realized through our short term and long terms goal.

It is our accountability to meet all business challenges and create a clear business environment that achieves our targets. We utilize avialbe opportunities and at the same time address the business environment challenge while working on our business needs.


EH&S is the highest priority in our business to ensure proper business continuity and social responsibilities. Our products meet the highest quality and we always work to increase their availability.

Safety and Operational performance

A. Kuwait Paraxylene Production Company (KPPC)

KPPC is 100% owned by TKAC. The company has its production facilities in Kuwait industrial area. It started production end of 2009. The main Aromatics products are ;

  1. Paraxylene.
  2. Benzene
  3. heavy aromatics.

Beside aromatics the company produces arrange of energy products like light naphtha and LPG. It also feed the refineries with purified hydrogen.

Paraxylene is sold in international markets mainly in Asia where it is converted into PTA and PET. We occasionally reach Europe with our product.

Benzene is totally consumed in TKSC, to produce high quality Styrene Monomer.

KPPC is considered one of the first aromatics investment in our region. Utilizing one of the known technologies available in the market.

The companies put strong emphasis on EH&S performance and peoples excellence while it is producing a quality aromatics products.

KPPC always strive to add value to its owners , community and it customers. KPPC looks at growth opportunities inside Kuwait.

We will continue our drive for excellence and while looking at our business needs and growth opportunities.

B. The Kuwait Styrene Company (TKSC)

TKSC Operations during the year 2013 did not record any violations related to local and international criteria of environmental, industrial and safety rules and regulation. Besides that, zero recordable injury was achieved with zero days away of work caused by injury in 2013.

The company produced 507,650 MT of Styrene Monomer in the year 2013 which represented 108% of the budgeted compared to 97% achieved of 2012 budgeted quantity. This high production is considered a great achievement in comparison with 2012 production of Styrene Monomer which was 419,837 MT.

In February 2013, the Plant had a planned periodic The shutdown was successfully completed without any safety incidents.

C. The Financial Performance of KARO