About Us/ Social Responsibility

The company realizes the critical role of sustainability in its strategy and accordingly extended its sustainability through a social responsibility program to its society through an active and targeted program.

TKAC has always been keen to contribute to the sustainable development efforts programs by focusing on the themes of the environment, education, health and national partnerships through many related parties.

The environment

1.    Reeve habitation program with Sinyar.
2.    Fish stock enrichment with KISR. Kuwait The aim is to enhancing fish stocks and contribute to maintain food security, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources.


 through a three years program .this campaign, release about 120 thousand fish of sorghum and sebity species in the territorial waters from several regions and in five batches, pointing out that the institute’s campaigns are distinguished by two dimensions, the first is the development of increasing fish stocks, and the other is awareness through participation in the process Launch by the Kuwaiti Aromatics Company, voluntary groups and groups of Kuwaiti students.


The Kuwait Aromatics Company contributes annually to support graduation projects for students of the College of Engineering and Petroleum.

The Health

The Kuwaiti Aromatics Company contributed in;
1.    Diabetes clinic eye testing equipment.
2.    Equipping the main training center for the practitioner professional development program development.